Bay Area Thrashers, X-Method Release Debut Offering …..Today!

Finally the day is here where our favorite California Bay Rockers have dropped a new album for everyone’s listening pleasure.  X-Method has released their debut album with Pavement Entertainment titled “Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music.”

With a title like that you know right away your going to get some Thrash and Hard Core music in there as X-Method is known for their hard hitting riffs and ability to thrash old school, right off the bat it does not disappoint first song  kicks in and takes you to Church and smacks you around a bit.   X-Method is a band that has a formula of “If it is not broken don’t fucking fix it!”…and this album really reflects that motto. If you need an old school thrashing with a punk under vibe along with some out of the blue, whoa what the fuck, killer ballad songs, then this album is a must purchase!  It is dropping into the listening zone on August 12th.

I could sit here and explain each song as it goes but why take away the fun of you listening to it yourself instead I would suggest you pour yourself a drink, put on the headphones lean back and let Abby’s vocals scream into your brain, as Tony and Markus rip at your ears with the amazing guitar riffs, as well as the prodigy drummer Collin double kicking his way thru your pulse and a killer bass line by Larry.


The first 2 songs rip thru you with an undertone of thrash, punk, and metal, then you mellow out a bit when you hit When Darkness Falls, but then, BOOM!, your ass is back up and kicking with the next song.  I will say that I was very happy to see that X-Method included their huge hit Waiting 4 the Rain on this album as I know what a powerful moving song it is.

One song that you do not want to miss is Addicted, starting off your going wow this is not a thrash or punk tune but halfway thru it the tone totally changes and makes you sit up and take notice that this band is not a one trick pony.  Also included on this album was the band’s first ever song that they did a video for, Suicide Girl-Cutter. And I must say, that between Waiting 4 the Rain and Suicide Girl those are the two songs that pushed this band into the front line.

X-Method Are:


Track Listing:

  1. Denied What’s Ours
  2. A.F.
  3. When Darkness Falls
  4. Drink From The Horn
  5. Woke Up In The Livingroom
  6. Waiting 4 The Rain
  7. Addicted
  8. Triangles N 6’s
  9. Southern Comfort
  10. Wasting My Tears
  11. Born Into the Affliction
  12. Silver On My Back
  13. And I Know
  14. Suicide Girl-Cutter
  15. Fuck Sobriety
  16. No Te Vayas
  17. Outro

There is not one bad song on this album and this is one you just put in and leave on auto pilot listening to it over and over.  It is a great mix of Thrash, ballads and Punk and of course some very old school metal.  This is a band that has burst onto the scene and is grabbing you by the throat and saying hey Fuckers we are here to stay.

Tour Dates will be announced soon, so go see these rockers when they hit your cities!

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  1. Great article! Do not miss Track 13, And I Know! Killer song!!!

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