Skeletonwitch – The Apothic Gloom (EP) – (Review)

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Skeletonwitch releases The Apothic Gloom EP and it’s “All that and a bag of chips…err…bones!”

When change comes in a band it often brings about every emotion possible from the groups fanbase. Fear, doubt, excitement, anger you name it. Well I am here to tell you to have no fear because the first Skeletonwitch release with new vocalist Adam Clemens (also of Wolvhammer a band I HIGHLY recommend) is here!!!

An acoustic intro kicks this record off leading into the title track, giving us a near two minute buildup before the vocals kick in. One thing that is instantly noticeable throughout the EP is a more black metal approach, which could be the influence of new blood into the lineup. It could also be contributed to the near two year length of not having a permanent front man, playing instrumental sets and having friends from other bands fill in. There is an urgency in every track on this 4 song rager and those factors could have easily influenced that aspect of things as well!!!

“Well of Despair” falls into more traditional ‘witch territory, with mid paced thrashy riffs and an old school metal breakdown in the middle before kicking back into the main riff again at the end. It was also the first track released from the EP that coincided with the announcement of the new vocalist.

“Black Waters”, starts off at a similar pace to previous track “Well of Despair”, before launching into a very blackened attack. This follows with the thrash with melody vibe that the Athens,Ohio based group is now well known for. The song even takes an unexpected turn into classic/progressive metal territories, that doesn’t sound, nor seem tacked on in the least. This release is essential for any longtime ‘witch fan, and also an excellent teaser for a forthcoming Long Play, due out sometime in 2017.



~Burner Horvath


“The Apothic Gloom”

“Well of Despair”

“Black Waters”

“Red Death/White Light”




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