Hoosier Rockers, Seldom Told Release Emotionally Charged Video For “I Want You”

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When you think of Hoosier talent, usually you think basketball players.  But occasionally things run amuck and some feel it pertinent to cause a rift in the Heartland tradition.  Introducing Seldom Told, a quintet of farmland fury.   Frontwoman Mira Faris, standing in at around five and a half feet tall with a voice as tall as the Empire State building, makes her commanding role in this band, not only heard, but also felt. Not to mention a group of musicians laying down the soundtrack for Mira’s powerful vocals with extreme precision.

I had the pleasure of catching Seldom Told on tour with Saving Abel and Like a Storm a few years back and I must say they have been on a one way ride, let’s just say…..”In the right direction….UP!”

So it is my honor to bring to you their new video, for “I Want You,” which was released today.  It’s an emotionally charged tale of domestic abuse and the extreme fringe of insanity that can wrought of a toxic relationship.  I will leave it at that. Just watch and listen and take it all in!

Currently they are in the midst of the recording process for a forthcoming album and is tentatively scheduled for release in a few short months. But in the meantime enjoy this savory nugget of pure Rock ‘n Roll bliss!


Seldom Told is:

Mira Faris – Lead Vocals

Austin Faris – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Ryan Greer – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals

Derek Kalicky – Bass

Kyle Lewandowski – Drums




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