Snake Church by Ringworm (Album Review)

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Congregation pleased be seated,and let us rejoice in the aggressive sounds of Ringworm, Snake Church is now in sermon!!!


An eerie spoken word intro (that sounds like someone preaching the end
times) leads us right into the title track. The song features the band pulling off it’s effortless blend of old-school hardcore and thrash metal. Vocalist Human Furnace almost shouts in his vocal style, with the harsh and almost black/death metal gutturals sounding natural and not forced.

Ringworm has never been one for long tracks or records in general, and “Snake Church” is no exception to this rule!! Despite the all but metal turn the band has taken over the last few releases, there is plenty of get in the pit moments for those worried they have forgotten their hardcore roots. It is most noticeable on the tracks “Fear The Silence”
and “Destroy or Create”, the latter of which is almost straight up punk rock!!! There is even a very impressive bass solo on “The Black Light of a Living Ghost”, played by Ed Stephens.

Things slow down but don’t let up on “Shades of Blue”, as guitarists Matt Sorg (also of Shed The Skin) and newer member Mark Witherspoon (also of Solipsist) show that despite being able to play fast and heavy they can still sound just as menacing on slower tunes. Also, one of the rare crossover bands to do legitimate guitar solos too!!! ex-Enabler drummer Ryan Steigerwald makes his recording debut with the band, blending d-beats and blast beats with seemingly little effort!

The record closes off with two mosh friendly tunes, “Angel of War” and “Temple of the Wolves”. If you were not a fan of the band before, this record may not necessarily sway you, but if you are a new fan both this and it’s predecessor album (2014’s Hammer of the Witch) are both one hell of a hard hitting way to start off!!!

~Burner Horvath

Standout tracks: “The Black Light of a Living Ghost”, “Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun”, “Innocent Blood”.


“Snake Church”
“Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun”
“Fear The Silence”
“The Black Light of a Living Ghost”
“Destroy or Create”
“Shades of Blue”
“Innocent Blood”
“The Apparition”
“The Razor And The Knife”
“Angel of War”
“Temple of the Wolves”

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