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Phil Anselmo Deals the Blackened Death Metal In New Project: SCOUR

The Grey EP What do you get when you combine elements of Cattle Decapitation, Pig Destroyer, Fulgora, Continuum, Strong Intention, Down, and Superjoint Ritual? Unless you are expecting a musical punch to face, that's as close as this question gets to a punchline!!! The correct answer is blackened death metal fury known as Scour!!! Yes, their lead

Homicide Black Release “hbII”

  In the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area, the commercial “terrestrial” airwaves are littered with country, pop, hip-hop, and classic rock stations and have been for years. Nonetheless, for a long time,  there has been an ever growing population of musicians and music fans in the area with a hunger for heavier music. Even with little to no

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors!

It started as a simple club for those who wear facial hair, not as a fade, but as a way of life.  Mad Viking Beard and Mustache Club (MVBMC) was started in the hills of Western Pennsylvania a few years ago and brought to the arena of social media.  The club, more of a brotherhood

Operation Helping Heroes

Adrenaline 101 Radio had a blast recently helping out with Operation Helping Heroes in Bellaire Ohio. Operation Helping Heroes Music Festival is an all day music festival fundraiser for the Friends of the Pittsburgh Fisher House. Stay posted right here for more about the day! Special Thanks go to First Choice Productions, Seldom Told, DB Rocker, Homicide