YOU WILL NEVER BE ONE OF US…..So says Nails….And they mean it!!! (Album Review)

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Nails has been grinding and melting faces in the underground for several years, before being picked up by Nuclear Blast to record and release their 3rd LP, You Will Never Be One Of Us. With their previous albums titled Unsilent Death and Abandon All Life, no one needs to worry about a bigger label softening them up, they are still as heavy and angry as ever!!!

The disc begins with the scathing title track, and such as positive and happy songtitles like “Life Is A Death Sentence” and “Violence is Forever”. The pacing of the record doesn’t give the listeners head or ears any rest throughout the 20 minutes of the entire album as well!

This band brings me back to the early days of Hardcore/Grindcore where everything was generally heavy, insane, and usually FAST!!! That doesn’t mean the entire record is a rapid speed racer aural assault however, The band knows where and when to slow things down, with the breakdowns sounding in place and natural and not just thrown in for the sake of having a breakdown!!

The vocals remind me a lot of early Napalm Death (ala Scum and
F.E.T.O.) and another random fact is that the longest song in the bands career to date is the near ten minute album closer “They Come Crawling Back”, which is almost as long as the rest of the albums songs combined!!!

If you are a fan of to the point metal with Grind and Hardcore overtones, then a band like Nails is right up your alley!!! Make sure to catch them live if you have the chance as well, the live footage I’ve seen is just as chaotic if not even more so than the records themselves!!!


~Burner Horvath

Standout tracks: “Friend To All”, “Life Is A Death Sentence”, “They Come Crawling Back”.

“You Will Never Be One of Us”
“Friend To All”
“Made to Make You End”
“Life Is A Death Sentence”
“Violence is Forever”
“Savage Intolerance”
“In Pain”
“Into Queitus”
“They Come Crawling Back”



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