Megadeth Dystopia CD Review

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Anger. The anger and aggressiveness being shown by the big four after over three decades a piece is refreshing and quite surprising!! Welcome to Megadeth’s Dystopia, which comes right out of the gate swinging with a trifecta of heavy, with “The Threat is Real”, “Dystopia”, and “Fatal Illusion”.

Almost immediately an emphasis on heavy and unforgettable, yet sometimes technical riffs matched by some curve ball time changes show that Megadave and company are pissed, and that Dave did not lead us astray by proclaiming this a thrash record!! And no the trick of putting all the good songs first that some aging acts like to do is not present here, this one NEVER lets up even with some quiet acoustic parts at times!!!

One thing we haven’t gotten over the last few efforts is an instrumental titled “Conquer or Die!” It adds atmosphere to the overall heavier/post-apocalyptic vibe throughout the record. Something else that needs to be mentioned is the phenomenal playing of newcomers Kiko Laurerro (guitars, ex-Angra) and Chris Adler (drums, Lamb of God), that may have given Dave and Junior a kick in the behind.

No matter the reason behind the heavier edge, this is a record that skeptical older fans need to give a spin, as it is a consistent and thoroughly heavy, something we haven’t gotten from the ‘Deth boys in quite some time!! Ending off the record is punk vehemence that is “The Emperor” and a punk cover (“Foreign Policy” by FEAR) letting everyone know that this time Megadeth means business… and business is good!!

Standout tracks: “Dystopia”, “Conquer or Die”, ” Foreign Policy “.



  1. “The Threat Is Real”
  2. “Dystopia”
  3. “Fatal Illusion”
  4. “Death from Within”
  5. “Bullet to the Brain”
  6. “Post American World”
  7. “Poisonous Shadows”
  8. “Conquer or Die!” (Instrumental)
  9. “Lying in State”
  10. “The Emperor”
  11. “Foreign Policy” (Fear cover)

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