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It started as a simple club for those who wear facial hair, not as a fade, but as a way of life.  Mad Viking Beard and Mustache Club (MVBMC) was started in the hills of Western Pennsylvania a few years ago and brought to the arena of social media.  The club, more of a brotherhood (and sisterhood, for the Maidens that love the wearers of said beards and mustaches), has grown to monstrous proportions in just a relatively short time!  Shortly after the Club’s inception, the leaders of the MVBMC took it a step further and started The Mad Viking Beard Company.  Offering an ever growing line of top quality beard care products and apparel at a very affordable price.  Not to mention the many Children’s, Military and community charities that they support!

Last year a working relationship was forged between Adrenaline 101 Radio and Mad Viking that seemed as if it was set into motion by Odin himself!  Shortly after Mad Viking Beard Company came on board with us something even crazier happened!  Owners Jason Sealand and Jason Hall, again took it a step further and joined the Adrenaline 101 Radio ranks as On-Air personalities, thus “The Addiction Radio Show” was born. Which, by the way, you can catch at 3pm Eastern time (USA) on Saturday afternoons, when Jason and Jason are not in some other part of the world representing the bearded brethren or playing roles in “Z Nation” on the Syfy television network.


We here at Adrenaline 101 Radio are very proud to be affiliated with such a high class group of people, or should I say “Family?”

So without further ado, as the headline reads……..And now a word from our sponsors:


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