Leaders and Kings debut “Let It Go”

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The band was established in Nashville, Tennessee in 2013. The founding members include Casey Self, Johnny Reeves, Nick Monroe, and Weiss. All the band members met each other while hanging out in downtown Nashville, just after they decided to make the move to Tennessee to pursue their music careers. After talking to each other about their plans in Nashville, the guys soon figured out they had all originally moved to Tennessee from North Carolina and only lived about an hour or so apart from one another! A few months later, they entered Omni Sound Studios as a band to record their first album in October 2013 with producer Voytek Kochanek, who is known for producing Chaka Khan, Ozzy Osbourne, and Queensryche. After finishing their first album, they began booking shows at some very well known venues in Nashville like 12th & Porter and The Rutledge. That same year, the band entered a Battle of the Bands contest and won 3rd place which helped them develop a great start in Music City and establish an awesome following. They also had two music videos that made it on the UK charts that won a few gold awards, and as a result, gaining many fans in the UK as well!

The following year in 2014, the band went back to Omni Sound Studios to record their second album “Never Seen the Day”. The album received reviews by Muso2Muso as being named Band of the Year and by Never Ending Stage as being the Band of the Month as well as Band of the Year. In addition to those reviews, they received a major write up in Skope Magazine as “A Monster in Music City” along with a seven page write up in CVWW Magazine about their progress as a rock band in Nashville. In July of 2014 the band opened for the Vans Warped Tour on the Ernie Ball Stage located at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Later, the band went on to headline two Film Festivals as well as being the only rock band to perform during the CMA Fan Fest at B.B. King’s Blues Club in downtown Nashville.

In January 2015 the band traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to begin recording their newest album at Standby Studios, also known as Studio D, with producer Don DeBiase. Don is known for producing Modern Day Escape, Gatlin, Black Veil Brides, and Mettal Maffia. The band also worked with co-producer Jeremy Stempert, who helped produce Black Veil Brides and Light the Fire. During May of 2015 the band finished their album and in September 2015 their band, Leaders And Kings


The band is Casey Self (Frontman), Johnny Reeves (Bass) Nick Monroe (Guitar) and Weiss (Drums). We all met in Nashville TN 3 years ago, immediately they had a chemistry working together.  They went to Cleveland OH to record their album with Standby Records. The label released it in January. Their new music video is “Let It Go”.  The band talks about his time filming the video “We had an amazing time filming it. The video concept is about being over burdened with problems like bills piling up, stress, and everyday struggles. Ultimately you have to let go and move on. We all get caught in everyday struggles and we can’t let them control us”



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