Echoes Never Lie – EP Release Party Live from Pittsburgh – (review)

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Pittsburgh’s own Echoes Never Lie has been tearing up stages with their highly energetic live performances and diverse sound for the past several years. The band is known for their wide range of material that varies from somber mellow tracks to straight forward hard rock and heavy metal. On an early December night at Club Diesel in the bands hometown, a release show was held to celebrate the group’s latest self-titled EP release.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ron Short Photography


Ohio Valley based outfit Resistance 13 kicked off the evenings festivities with their brand of melodic hard rock. Vocalist Jeremy Wright moved about the stage like a man on a mission, and his mission was to get the crowd revved up and involved. He definitely succeeded in said task and it was interesting to see Drummer Luwe Bulc twirling sticks and interacting with the crowd both during and in between songs! Set closer and fan favorite track “Little Sister” capped off their opening set with all in attendance singing along to the bridge. A high energy band that is not afraid to have a positive message behind their catchy and melodic rock sound.


Up next was Through These Walls, who like 3 out of 4 bands on the bill are hometowners as well. The band played a hybrid of Hard Rock and Alternative Rock with elements of Metal and Punk thrown in. Frontman Chris Callen engaged the crowd often, cracking jokes in between most songs that were nothing short of hysterical! It was nice to see a band that could freely joke with both the audience and each other too, but the band had no problem getting serious when it was time for the next tune. From heavier songs like “Bloodlust” to more catchier tunes like “Catching Fire” the bands set offered a wide variety of sounds for all in attendance.


In direct support of E.N.L. was After The Fall. This group has been around in some form or another for over a decade now and worked the stage and crowd like a well seasoned act should. Vocalist Doug Carnahan was and endless ball of energy, only being restrained by the guitar he would play off and on throughout the set. The band plays an even mix of late 80’s hard rock mixed with mid/late 90’s Alternative Rock that sees them being the perfect soundtrack to a good time in general.Inviting Zosia West onstage for their track “Scream” added an impromptu uniqueness to their set as well!! Drummer Matt Ferrante harmonized with Mr. Carnahan’s vocals while keeping in time behind his drum kit which was very impressive!


After all 3 bands energetic yet fun sets, it was time for the reason of the entire night, Echoes Never Lie. Frontwoman, Zosia West began the set in the balcony taking full advantage of her wireless microphone set up.

The band gave a very diverse set that night, from heavy opener “Fade Away” to beautiful mellow tracks like “In Rememberance”. Guitarist Jason Iampietro got in on the wireless action too, playing the entirety of “Sit Down and Bleed” in the crowd to a very enthusiastic reaction from the audience! Zosia’s ability to go from screaming aggressive growls to almost operatic vocals must be heard to be believed!

A showing of true class by the band was when the set was briefly halted to present their top crowd funder with a signed guitar from the band. The set ended with a surprise cover of The Amity Affliction’s “All Fucked Up”, inviting all the previous frontman on stage to perform the track with them. This was a very cool and unique moment that added even more personality to the evening as a whole. This entire show and all the bands made for a great evening that had a positive and friendly atmosphere throughout the night. All of the bands are well worth checking out if they come to a venue near you!!!

~Burner Horvath





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