Deftones – Gore

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The Deftones have left people scratching their heads for over 20 years now. Is it metal? Alternative? Shoegaze? I’m personally not sure what I would categorize them as other than moody, in a musical sense that is.

And now we come to their eighth offering, Gore. The band I listened to in high school has long since mellowed out, widening their sound and influences while still being sonically recognizable as themselves. That’s not to say there are no metal moments or heavy riffs, but the control and maturity of a band over two decades in existence shines through on this one.

Chino Moreno’s screams have been replaced over time with a style reminiscent of shoegaze, even elements of early Goth and new wave are there! Stephen Carpenters heavy, yet relaxed style of playing compliments Chino very well and the eccentric but still in-time playing of bassist Sergio Vega and drummer Abe Cunningham also. Electronic elements are also thrown in, to make even the heavier tracks stay trippy and dreamlike, courtesy of Frank Delgado.

The album doesn’t drag on and never seems to lose focus, with every song flowing into the other almost effortlessly. I have to personally admit I have not paid much attention to them in a long time and honestly wasn’t expecting to enjoy this record in the least. But I was surprised and have to admit that it is a solid record that does not get monotonous with repeated listens. Casual fans might not be drawn back in, but longtime/diehard listeners should be very pleased and thoroughly content with their newest effort.



Standout tracks: “Acid Hologram”, “Phantom Bride”.

Track listing:

  1. Prayers/Triangles
  2. Acid Hologram
  3. Doomed User
  4. Geometric Headdress
  5. Hearts/Wires
  6. Pittura Infamante
  7. Xenon
  8. (L)MIRL
  9. Gore
  10. Phantom Bride (ft. Jerry Cantrell)
  11. Rubicon

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