CD Review: Last Bullet 80-69-64

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Let me tell you about Last Bullet

It’s no secret to those of you who have listened to my show or read any of my previous reviews that I struggle with what is considered new rock. Sure, there have been some really good bands, I play them, listen to them and even have seen a few of them. I do not know if it’s the age thing, where things just do not excite me like they used to, or if the music industry has killed off rock and roll by mass producing 50 bands to sound like one that had something new to bring to the table.

Enter Toronto’s Last Bullet. Do you like rock music that gets your hips moving and head bobbing? Did you enjoy the swagger of Guns and Roses when they broke on to the scene many moons ago? Do you enjoy a touch of the old Stone Temple Pilots rock groove or Def Leppard’s sensible pop rock? These are some of the thoughts that came to mind when listening to Last Bullet’s self-released E.P. 80-69-64. Neatly giftwrapped for your listening pleasure, each song has the strength to stand on its own. There is no filler here folks. Opening the E.P., the driving guitar and catchy chorus of Sin sets the mood for 80-69-64. I imagine this song would translate well into a show opener as well as it has the energy of Velvet Revolver or Stone Temple Pilots on steroids. Gimme Time follows, cutting the time signature in half from the previous song, but no less heavy. Imagine David Essex and Clutch sitting down to jam with The Black keys for a radio single with major presence. Next up, we have Bright Lights, A slow burner that features more great vocals and a funky/bluesy guitar groove. We’re 3 songs in and the old Sasquatch leg is still moving, like a horny hound dog was dry humping it, reminding me of what I have always loved about Rock and Roll. Southern Lips has a Jet (Cold Hearted Bitch, Remember them?) resemblance, which in turn (via 6 degrees of separation) shows off the bands AC/DC influence. Smoke and Ashes begins with a heavy riff before settling in to a Scott Weiland style verse.

Last, but not least, Last Bullet brings it all home with Little Miss Filthy. This song title sums the song up and musically maintains their signature sound established on this E.P. Rock music has always been made up of equal parts of attitude and ability. While you may not find anything unique here, you will find something that is missing from most of the bands passing themselves of as rockers, hunger. You can feel the bands desire to take their show to the big stage, and the attitude to do it on their terms. Last Bullet’s 80-69-64 offers strong musicianship, great production and catchy hooks.

When it comes to Rock and Roll, what else could you possibly ask for?

Last Bullet: 80-69-64:

1. Sin

2. Gimme Time

3. Bright Lights

4. Southern Lips

5. Smoke And Ashes

6. Little Miss Filthy


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