Ace Frehley – Origins, Vol. 1

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Ace Frehley has been firing on all cylinders over the past several years, with both his recent efforts (2009’s Anomaly and 2014’s Space Invaders) easily measuring up to his previous solo efforts. Within less than two years from the release of Space Invaders, we get a covers collection aptly titled Origins Vol.1.

This hard-rocking energetic set kicks off with a thunderous take on the Cream classic “White Room”, and doesn’t let up nor disappoint throughout the 12 tracks within. There are several notable guest appearances on this one such as John 5, Slash, Lita Ford, and Mike McCready. But the one that will easily stick out to even the more casual Ace/Kiss fans is the appearance of Paul Stanley on Ace’s version of the Free classic “Fire and Water.” Hearing Ace and Paul on the same track (the first in 18 years) is excellent as always, as The Starchild shines vocally even singing in a slightly lower range than usual!!

The collection even features re-workings of 3 Kiss classics “Parasite”, “Cold Gin”, and a more obscure one “Rock and Roll Hell”. Strong but loyal and faithful versions of Led Zeppelin’s “Bring It On Home” and Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” are also featured, further adding to the 60’s/early 70’s era vibe throughout the disc.

We may never get an original Kiss reunion again, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing the spaceman nor his fellow Kiss founders down, as Ace was recently ordered to rest due to extensive touring, and Kiss is about to embark on what I’m sure will be another sold out summer tour!!!



Standout tracks: “White Room”, ” Fire and Water”, “Magic Carpet Ride”.

Track listing: “White Room” (Cream cover)

“Street Fighting Man” (Rolling Stones cover)

“Spanish Castle Magic” (Jimi Hendrix cover with John 5)

“Fire and Water” (Free cover with Paul Stanley)

“Emerald” (Thin Lizzy cover with Slash)

“Bring it on Home” (Led Zeppelin cover)

“Wild Thing” (Troggs cover with Lita Ford)

“Parasite” (with John 5)

“Magic Carpet Ride” (Steppenwolf’s cover)

“Cold Gin” (with Mike McCready)

“Til the End of the Day” (Kinks cover)

“Rock and Roll Hell”1

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